• Basic Home Loan
    The basic home loan is offered by most institutions, generally at a reduced interest rate. It has minimal features but is very attractive to borrowers that are looking for a loan without all the other account features.
  • Fixed Rate Home Loan
    A fixed rate home loan offers borrowers the security of knowing what their repayments will be regardless of interest rate changes; in the event of interest rate increases your repayments will not go up, however, the interest rate will not fall in the event of interest rate decreases. These loans are generally less flexible in relation to additional repayments, fixed rate term, restructuring etc. and because of this they may not be suitable to all borrowers.
  • Variable Home Loan

    This product is offered by most financial institutions as their main stream home loan. The standard variable home loan has greater flexibility, more features and better options than the 'basic home loan’.

    Some of the features and options include: Salary crediting, redraw facilities, off set accounts, additional repayments options, top ups, construction loans and fixed rate options.

    A standard variable rate loan does not mean you pay the standard rate, with all financiers offering "life of loan" discounts based on the package you qualify for.

  • Line of Credit
    A line of credit is a revolving facility that allows the borrowers the flexibility to redraw back up to the approved facility limit at anytime. This type of facility is particularly popular for borrowers looking to re use their loan funds for home renovations or investment etc.
  • Construction Loan
    A construction loan is a loan for those borrowers wishing to build a new home or substantially renovate their existing property. Typically this involves a licenced builder who requires progressive draw downs during the term of the build as construction milestones are met.
  • Home Equity
    Do you need to make home improvements?

    Want to invest or consolidate your loans?

    Perhaps you want to buy a new car, travel or upgrade your furniture?

    You may already have the finances to do that right now with the current equity in your home! If you have had your home for some time, then this equity could be substantial.

    At Home Loans Canberra, we understand how to structure home equity loans and we strive to meet your individual needs and goals.

    If you're thinking of utilising your equity, let our Loan Specialists design a home equity loan package that works for you and will help you better your quality of life.
  • Low Doc Homeloans
    The low doc home loan is a facility that enables self-employed applicants the ability to borrow monies where current financials are not available.
  • Bridging / Relocation Loan
    A bridging / relocation loan provides for the ability of the client to buy their new residence prior to having sold their existing residence.
  • Reverse Mortgages
    A reverse mortgage basically allows you to borrow against the value of your home. You'll receive either a lump sum or a regular monthly payment. Your obligation to repay the loan kicks in when the following happens: you die, sell your home or leave it (to go into aged care for example). Then, you or your estate has to repay the debt (including interest), usually out of the sale proceeds of your home. The amount you can borrow depends on your age and value of the property. Your Home Loans Canberra Consultant will be able to go through the pro's & con's so you can decide if a reverse mortgage is for you.
  • Deposit Bonds
    A deposit bond is used to take the place of cash at time of exchange of contracts on the property being purchased. 
  • Lease / Hire Purchase
    A Home Loans Canberra consultant can assist with organising your lease / hire purchase, to purchase a vehicle or do a fit out.


  • Financing a commercial property
    So you're thinking about shifting from a rented premise to your very own commercial space? Or perhaps your existing rented premise has come on to the market. Wouldn't it be great if you owned your own place?
    Considering that one of the most significant business overheads is rent, it can make a lot of sense to pay into a loan for your business premises – rather than somebody else's. You'll also sidestep the uncertainties of rental increases and expiring leases.
    Financing a commercial property is not all that different to financing a residential property however it can be more complicated in some circumstances.
    Much the same as with a residential home loan there will be similar issues to consider such as interest rate, variable versus fixed rate and line of credit facilities, although it is worth noting that most commercial loans are interest only because of the importance for businesses in managing and maximising cash flow.
    One key difference will be the loan to value ratio (LVR), which is often lower for commercial property purchases than residential. In other words, you may need to fork out a larger deposit than you would for a residential loan. Generally, the lower the LVR the lower the interest rate, generally, so it pays to keep a commercial loan smaller.
    Your ability to borrow will depend on the lender's assessment of your financial position and the property in question. Lenders will want to assess all risks, including the location of the property and its usage, as well as your ability to meet repayments.
    There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing your own commercial space and it is crucial to seek expert advice regarding what structure to buy the property in.
    When it comes to securing finance you'll need a professional to navigate you through your borrowing options as well as help you secure that all important loan. In particular, you will need to know what finance facilities are out there that will have the smallest impact on your business' operating cash flow and which will place you in the most tax effective position moving forward.
    If you're contemplating buying, or want to discuss your financing options, please feel free to give us a call.
  • Using finance to grow
    Whether you're looking to acquire new stock, plant and equipment, take on bigger premises or diversify your business offering, access to the necessary capital will ensure you're positioned to jump on business opportunities as they arise.
    Even if your cash flow is steady at present it's important to think about what options are open to you in order to further grow and develop. In a competitive market the last thing you want is to miss out on an opportunity because your cash flow won't allow it.
    A cash flow crunch will not only restrict growth and hamper sales opportunities; it can actually stall even the most vigorous of businesses. In fact a large number of small businesses that fail don't do so because they're unprofitable; they fail because their cash flow is limited.
    In other words, access to cash – or lack of access – can make or break a business.
    Fortunately, there is a whole range of financing options available to SMEs, and securing it is not too difficult with the right expertise and assistance.
    Traditional finance options include overdrafts and line of credit facilities, which provide funding secured against real estate. These are typically suited to finance amounts of between $50,000 and $200,000 and are a popular source for everyday working capital needs.
    In contrast, cash flow finance offers businesses access to cash tied up in outstanding invoices, without the need for real estate as security.
    In addition to these cash flow options, businesses seeking to improve client relationships, service capabilities and workplace effectiveness can secure finance for a new vehicle fleet or plant and machinery to improve production.
    If you're looking to explore your business' growth opportunities speak to us about your financing options. We can offer you extensive advice on what kinds of products will fit your needs and what financing options are open to you.
    Remember, finance is like food for your business and can influence your ability to grow and sustain development. Speak to us to ensure you have access to the relevant cash to steer your business towards success.
  • A perfect match
    Access to finance has been one of the greatest enablers for small businesses to grow and prosper without having to wait for a stockpile of cash to accumulate in the bank.

    Many businesses find that while they are profitable, their cash flow remains tight – particularly in the early stages of establishment. A lack of cash flow can hamper plans to grow or capitalise on market opportunities. Yet today there are plenty of finance solutions for businesses.
    Funding for businesses is by no means a new phenomenon. Banks have offered loans and overdrafts for decades. But now there are more sophisticated products that are available to business owners designed to meet specific needs.
    There are a host of tailored products that can be used for anything from purchasing inventory and new equipment through to increasing a car fleet, financing bigger premises, hiring staff, or providing a cash injection to step up marketing and advertising campaigns.
    Products such as equipment finance, for example, can offer businesses cash to facilitate growth through the purchase of new income generating business assets.
    As with all credit products, there are many different repayment structures, interest rates and product features so make sure that you speak to your broker to ensure that you secure the product that delivers the maximum benefit to your business.
    We have access to a range of funding solutions so call us today to discuss your business' needs.
  • Buying a business premises
    Running a business invariably incurs a host of costs and for some the burden of rising rents can be heavy. It's therefore little wonder that many businesses look to combat this by buying their own premises – a strategy that makes a lot of sense.
    Not only is this a way of banishing rental payments, there is the added appeal of owning the asset. Commercial mortgage rates can also sometimes work out cheaper than the cost of renting from the outset. This may result in a boost to your cash flow.
    But while there are benefits with securing your own commercial space, there are also limitations that need to be considered.
    Commercial lenders typically require the buyer to stump up a higher percentage of the purchase price than in a residential purchase. This can tie up funds that could be used elsewhere in your business.
    You will also be tied to that property for the foreseeable future, so you will need to consider if the property suits your type of business as well as a changing workforce.
    As with any business decision there are pros and cons with buying your own commercial space. One of the biggest considerations, if you are looking to put down roots for your business, is to secure the right finance.
    Commercial mortgages are more complex to organise than a residential home loan but your broker is well positioned to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. With access to leading commercial lenders in the market, we are also perfectly positioned to ensure that you get a competitively priced product, so give us a call to discuss your requirements today.
  • Geared for growth
    A core goal for most business owners is to run a profitable operation that has good growth potential. It doesn't matter what product or service you offer, profitability and revenue growth are the common measure for success.
    But contrary to what some may think, a profitable business can still run into trouble if struck by cash flow problems.
    Businesses that are in a rapid growth phase can find that funds can become tight. This can occur, for example, on the back of increased spending while the business has to wait to see an upswing in revenue.
    Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to suffering a cash flow crunch. While the effects can be severe there are solutions. The good news for SMEs is that help is often close at hand.
    In some cases, a pre-arranged bank overdraft can be all that is required to keep capital flowing when cash gets tight.
    But this may not suit every situation.
    Your broker has access to a wide variety of lenders and products that are specifically tuned to the needs of growing businesses. These can range from facilities which open up a few thousand dollars right through to potentially delivering sums that hit the millions.
    Facilities can range from a few months to open ended agreements that can be accessed whenever the need arises. Why not give us a call to find out how smart financing can help you achieve your growth plans and minimise the risk of a cash flow crisis?


  • Consumer Motor Vehicle Finance
    • Car loans for everyday people
    • You select the contract term (from 24 to 60 months) so you can tailor the monthly repayments to suit your needs.
    • Payments are also fixed during the period of the contract.
    • You can elect to have a final payment (residual or balloon) on the contract, or you can choose a contract without a final payment and enjoy full ownership of your vehicle at contract end.
  • Chattel Mortgage
    A Chattel mortgage is very similar to a consumer loan except it is for business purposes. You still select the term of the loan, have fixed repayments and can elect to have a residual payment but the asset must be predominantly for business purposes.
  • Finance Lease
    Designed for business looking to purchase a vehicle or income producing asset.
    • The financier Owns the asset and leases it to you
    • You return the asset at the end of the term or refinance any residual
    • Allows you to regularily update your equipment, vehicle or technology
  • Equipment Loan
    An equipment loan provides full or part funding for vehicles or income producing assets for the your business.

    • You retain ownership of the asset however the bank takes a mortgage over it.
    • Interest terms can be negotiated with the funder.
  • Hire Purchase
    Finance income producing assets and equipment, by renting them during the term of the loan and taking ownership on completion.
    • Potentially allows you to maximise tax benefits whilst maintaining eventual ownership.


  • Leasing
    Vehicle and equipment finance

    Whether you're an individual looking for a new set of wheels, or a business looking to purchase a new asset, Home Loans Canberra can get you there. Our Financiers offer a full range of financial options for vehicle and equipment finance as well as the extras you need, including car buying advice, insurance and pre-approval for commercial customers.

    Why Lease?
    Leasing is a simple, cost-effective way for you or your business to invest in critical assets, it is best used when:

    • a tax deductible solution is desired
    • avoiding upfront capital expenditure is important
    • bundled servicing and disposal is being considered
    • access to a non-traditional funding channel is important

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